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The (al)most complete source of available Darkness on the Edge of Town vinyl pressings.
I consider this album to be the best rock album ever.

In 2016 (38 years after the release of Darkness on the Edge of Town) I decided to start collecting different vinyl pressings from all over the world.

On this site you'll find my total collection.

I hope you will all enjoy!

The road to #100
In the beginning of 2016 I obtained my first Darkness on the Edge of Town LP.

Darkness on the Edge of Town has always been my favourite record from Bruce, but it was not my main focus untill December 2016.

I managed to obtain five lovely items from a well respected UK-based fan, which doubled my collection to 10 items.

Two US pressings, one from the UK and a lovely Greek and South African pressing (known for their black-and-white rear cover). This little bunch ignited my passion. It wouldn't be the same from now on!
On November 28th, 2018 I received my 100th copy of this incredible record. It took me almost two years to reach this magical number. That's about one record every single week!
Is this the end? Probably not as I still have a wanted list. So my guess is that probably some more will follow, but there's no more pressure. Every additional item will be considered a bonus!

Peace and rock on 🤘!!