Costa Rica-DOTEOT - My Collection

DOTEOT - My Collection

Costa Rica

CBS 100419
The Costa Rican release came in a hard cardboard sleeve with the common pictures on both front and rear sleeve.

Pressed by Indica S.A.; full name is "Industria De Discos Centroamericana, S.A.".

The spine appears to be blank without any information on the release.

The track list on rear sleeve uses the small font variant. Below the track list you'll find the following printed text 'Producto Centroamericano. Hecho en Costa Rica por INDICA, S.A. Impreso en INDICA, S.A.'.

The right bottom corner on the rear sleeve bears a Columbia logo (strange as this is a CBS release) and underneath the logo the catalogue number 100419 is printed.

Left bottom corner uses white font for the 'album credits' and refers to a US release.

Looks like Indica, S.A. copied* the cover sleeve from the US release and added Costa Rican elements to it.

* Greece did a similar job. Making use of existing formats is also seen in the Asian area, where countries such as Philippines and Hong Kong use the Japanese variant for their own pressings.
The following pressing from Costa Rica is known to exist;

* CBS 100419 1st pressing STOCK

I'm not sure if there's a promotional variant out there somewhere. It is rumoured that such release exist with blue stamp. I have never seen one.

Came on CBS sunburst labels.

This is the only South American pressing where there are no Spanish translations on either sleeve or label!

On this release you can find the following information;

Run-Out wax Side A: CBS 100419 A
Run-Out wax Side B: CBS 100419 B
CBS 100419 1st pressing
CBS 100419 1st pressing
CBS 100419 1st pressing
Track List
CBS 100419 1st pressing
Album Credits
CBS 100419 1st pressing
CBS 100419 1st pressing
Side A
CBS 100419 1st pressing
Side B
CBS 100419 1st pressing