India-DOTEOT - My Collection

DOTEOT - My Collection


CBS 10195
The Indian release came in the well known colored sleeve with very minor differences compared to other releases.

Rear sleeve uses the small font for track listing.
The bottom left corner of the rear sleeve has a white printed text indent with the 'album credits'.
The top right corner of the rear sleeve has the catalogue number 'CBS 10195' printed onto the sleeve.

It came without an OIS and without a lyric insert.

Indian pressed records are in general very hard to find as they were produced in very limited quantities due to low demand. Also it is a known fact that most have been destroyed as they were never preserved or collected, hence such Indian pressings are scarce and very difficult to locate.
The very first Indian pressing of a Bruce Springsteen record was Nebraska, which was pressed in 1983 (a little bit later than the original release date of September 1982).
The second Indian release was BITUSA, which was pressed in 1984. Due to the global hype (Bruce was becoming a well-known global rock star), the Indian market decided to release two key albums in 1985; BTR and DOTEOT.
Looking at the catalogue numbers for these releases, you can easily confirm the chronological release track;

• CBS 10059 – Nebraska 1983
• CBS 10109 – BITUSA 1984
• CBS 10159 – BTR 1985
• CBS 10195 – DOTEOT 1985
The following pressing from India is known to exist;

* CBS 10195 1st pressing STOCK

The time frame on this Darkness release is confirmed both on the cover and label where it clearly states 1985 as year of production.

Produced by Gramophone Records in Bombay – India. This record company was located in a small office in the Dalamal Towers; 11th floor, serving the Indian market.

Came on CBS sunburst labels.

On this release you can find the following information;

Run-Out wax Side A: 10195 A KIRAN
Run-Out wax Side B: 10195 B KIRAN

Label Side A: USA AL 35318
Label Side B: USA BL 35318
CBS 10195 1st pressing
CBS 10195 1st pressing
CBS 10195 1st pressing
CBS 10195 1st pressing
Album Credits
CBS 10195 1st pressing
Catalogue Number
CBS 10195 1st pressing
Side A
CBS 10195 1st pressing
Side B
CBS 10195 1st pressing