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DOTEOT - My Collection

Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

CBS ASF 2131
The Zimbabwean release came in a unique sleeve, which had the complete rear in black-and-white rather than in color.

Front sleeve has a black dotted line on the top.

Rear sleeve has large font for track list.
Top right corner has a black CBS logo with the catalogue number ASF 2131 underneath it.
Bottom right corner has a little black insert with '4-A', which is typical for Zimbabwean releases.
Bottom left corner has white 'album credits'. Marketed & Distributed by Gramophone Record Co. (Pty.) Ltd.

Came without pictured inner sleeve or lyric insert.

This release bears the same catalogue number as the release from South Africa.

Please note that Zimbabwe was formerly known as Rhodesia, which was an unrecognised state in Southern Africa from 1965 to 1979. Time wise, this release should be listed as a Rhodesian release. I chose for Zimbabwe as its more commonly known around the globe.
The following pressing from Zimbabwe is known to exist;

* CBS AF 2131 1st pressing PROMOTIONAL*
* CBS AF 2131 1st pressing STOCK
* missing

The promotional issue came with a black promo stamp on both sleeve and label 'Sample Record. Not For Sale'.

This release has been printed on recycled board as was the norm for African records.
Note that due to this treatment, African sleeves are never as glossy as other sleeves and are more prone to wear. 
Records made in South Africa and Zimbabwe were pressed in very small quantities; mainly for the white population.
They were mainly recycled and for example made into hand bags, hence they are extremely rare and almost impossible to find in decent/good condition.

This release came on CBS white labels with blue lettering.

On this release you can find the following information;

Run-Out wax Side 1: ASF2131-AL-35318
Run-Out wax Side 2: ASF2131-BL-3531

Label Side 1: AL 35318
Label Side 2: BL 35318
CBS ASF 2131 1st pressing
CBS ASF 2131 1st pressing
CBS ASF 2131 1st pressing
CBS ASF 2131 1st pressing
Text insert
CBS ASF 2131 1st pressing
Album Credits
CBS ASF 2131 1st pressing
Side 1
CBS ASF 2131 1st pressing
Side 2
CBS ASF 2131 1st pressing